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Wiltshire Autism Diagnosis Services (WADS)

  • WADS are a diagnostic service for adults who have a Wiltshire general practitioner (GP).
  • The team professionals that carries out assessments are Occupational Therapist/team manager, clinical psychologist and psychology assistant.
  • Referral needs to come via GP

Information for people who suspect that they have autism or believe a family member / someone they work with may be autistic. The information covered on these National Autistic Society pages are:

  • Am I/Are they Autistic?
  • The benefits of getting a diagnosis
  • How to ask your GP for a referral for an autism assessment. 
  • Getting a referral 

Wiltshire Autism Assessment Service (WAAS)

The Wiltshire Autism Assessment Service (WAAS) provides an assessment-only service for children and young people who are showing possible signs of autism.  The service is run by HCRG Care Group (Formally Virgin Care).

  • They provide an assessment for children and young people with possible autism.
  • They will provide a named autism practitioner who will guide and support families throughout the assessment process.
  • They will gather information from a number of sources, including pre-schools, schools, parents and carers and other health professionals, in order to make a diagnosis for the child or young person.