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1-2-1 support

We can talk over the phone, by text, email or meet in person to support you with issues or concerns you may have.  

We initially offer 6 sessions and want to work with you towards looking at a particular issue or helping you to achieve a specific goal.  This will include signposting you to other relevant support services and organisations. 

For example:

  • Understanding your diagnosis
  • Issues with your housing 
  • Claiming Personal Independence Payments (PIP) and other benefits
  • Managing your home and routines
  • Money issues
  • Education, employment or work related issues
  • Wellbeing and mental health

We provide non-judgemental support

Travel support

Practical travel support for people who would like to travel independently for work, to meet friends, for college or training.

We offer practical travel support for people who would like to travel independently for work, to meet friends, for college or training.

After meeting you for the first time, we design an individual programme of support depending on your skills and needs.

A travel supporter will accompany you on your journey until you become confident.

We can work on skills like planning a journey, understanding a timetable, road safety, telling the time, using money or a bus pass and help you to build your confidence.

The only cost to you are any bus or train fares although where possible we will assist you to apply for a disabled person pass.

Peer support group

Join a group to meet new people, share experiences and support one another.

The AS We Are group is a peer support group for autistic adults that meets once a week  It is a social group and members often choose what activity they would like to do during each session.  There is also informal peer-support from other members and knowledge-sharing. You don’t need to attend every session only the one’s that interest you.

We currently meet on zoom and once a month we will have a face to face session at various locations around the county. Group members can suggest places that we might wish to meet.  

The group is facilitated by Richard Conlon, who has supported the group since 2015. 

Anyone in Wiltshire with Autistic can contact the WSUN office ( or Richard Conlon who has run the group since 2015 on ( ) and ask to be put on the list. You’ll get weekly updates about what the group is doing and also about research, opportunities, surveys and any other information we think you might be interested in. 

Information & advice

Our website provides useful information and signposting, including links to other organisations. You can either search by a keyword or issue or follow an information pathway by following this link