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Local training and workshops

Information about training opportunities, resources and workshops run by local and national specialists and projects

Parenting Courses

Published on 24 May 2022

A selection of parenting courses promoted by Wiltshire Council.

Curly Hair Project – Facebook page

Published on 16 September 2021

Facebook page – see updates, regular relatable quotes and more

Curly Hair Project – resources

Published on 16 September 2021

Resources – useful, easy read books developed by Alis Rowe with great content and very relatable

Curly Hair Project – workshops

Published on 16 September 2021

Workshops- autism topics regularly held in Wiltshire

Curly Hair Project – webinars

Published on 16 September 2021

Webinars around autism topics like adult life, executive functioning, anxiety, meltdowns and shutdowns and many more