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Homes4Wiltshire – Social/Council housing

  • All social housing in Wiltshire Council’s area is advertised through Homes4Wiltshire.
  • Homes4Wiltshire is a Choice Based lettings system enabling you to choose where you want to live.
  • To express an interest or “bid” for properties in the Wiltshire Council area, you need to register with Homes4Wiltshire by applying online.
  • Once your housing application has been assessed and if you meet the criteria of Wiltshire Council’s Allocation Policy your housing application will be placed onto the Housing Register or Open Market Register.
  • Properties that are available will be advertised at 00:00 hrs each Thursday to 23:59 hrs the following Monday.

How does Homes4Wiltshire work?

Published on 15 September 2021

For additional information on Homes 4 Wiltshire

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Published on 15 September 2021

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Published on 15 September 2021