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What information does the hub provide on Education?

The hub links to a number of different resources to support you, including:

  • SENDIASS – Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Information advice and support service
  • Starting or switching school – Information about starting a new school and supporting change
  • Useful links with information around autism and education – Further links around autism and education including exclusion, resolving issues and exams
  • Education helplines – Helplines that can offer Information and advice on school education rights and entitlements, exclusion and tribunals
  • Leaving school/Starting college or university – Information about leaving school, starting college or university
  • Wiltshire College – Information about the Learning and Skills Development Service (LSDS) at Wiltshire College
  • Choosing a university – Information and stories from students with Autism about choosing a university
  • Leaving college or university – Links to information about leaving college or university